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*New 2019* GBWhatsApp Latest Version Download 7.99 (Anti-Ban)

What Makes WhatsApp So Popular?

As we all know, WhatsApp now acts as the perfect communication platform that bridges the gap between your friends, family, and relatives. It has been the trendier application to all age groups. Not only, WhatsApp is easy to use but also it’s free of cost. One more feature that makes WhatsApp more interesting is – It’s Voice Calling and Video Calling Feature!

GBWhatsApp Apk Download

But among all these pros, there is a one and only cons – i.e. WhatsApp allows using only a single mobile number in one device. So, to overcome this drawback, the new application named “GBWhatsApp” has been introduced!


Just like WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp is one of the latest versions of instant messaging application which is used by almost all smartphone users. Via GBWhatsApp, you can share all type of files such as text messages, images, videos and also documents. There is no need for any login and no more security issues. But there are few privacy options.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download

Unlike WhatsApp, in GBWhatsApp, you can use tow mobile numbers in one single smartphone and this is one of the most amazing and important features available in this version.

All the Android users who are interested in learning more about the additional features of GBWhatsApp can download GBWhatsApp APK Version. In this article, we have provided you the step-by-step article to GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 7.99 for Android.

What Makes GBWhatsApp APK 7.99 Version Better?

Compared to the official WhatsApp, this latest version of GBWhatsApp APK is now becoming more popular with a set of amazing features.

  • DND service
  • Auto scheduling messages
  • Changing themes.
  • View Status as a list
  • Status Download option
  • Copy written status
  • Auto-reply
  • Go to First message option
  • Lock chat
  • Whatsapp Lock
  • Translate message
  • Hide Blue tick and Second tick,
  • Hide Online status and writing status
  • Change Upload size limit up to 100mb
  • Send original pictures
  • Increase status limit to 7 minutes (only GBWhatsApp can view 7 minutes other users will view only 30 seconds)
  • Change App font

Difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger

GBWhatsApp is the mod version of whatsapp messenger. It is enriched with all advanced features of Whatsapp Messenger. All premium features of whatsapp are unlocked in this modded APK. If you are rid of limitations in Whatsapp Messenger then must download the GBWhatsApp latest version 7.81 APK.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 7.99 for Android

GBWhatsApp Apk Download

GBWHATSAPP Latest Version Updated 2019

Version 7.99
App Size 53.91 MB
Required Android Android 4.0+
Root Required NO
Main Task Based on Whatsappwith extra hidden Features


System Requirement and Features

Before installing GBWhatsApp apk, you should know the highlights of the app and system requirements. Mod will work legitimately when the hardware and platform are compatible. For this application, you require Android 4.0 version or higher. If your mobile phone still uses the old version, it is smarter to update it. Android 5.1 and 6.0 are the most recommended ones.

For hardware requirement, your smartphone ought to have least RAM 1 GB and internal storage capability no less than 1 GB. Be that as it may, less storage is as yet fit as long as it’s sufficient to keep the information and mod installation. In this way, you don’t need to purchase a new smartphone since this application is able to keep running on the old gadget, whereas the storage space is the important factor to be considered.

And the next thing you need to consider is the highlights on GBWhatsApp apk 7.99 latest version download for android. Generally, all the basic features from Whatsapp are as yet accessible. Just like WhatsApp, via GBWhatsApp APK you can send text messages, audio, photograph, picture, and video. The other features available include: voice call, video call, sharing status and story, and managing group discussion. Those things are the highlights that still accessible on GBWhatsApp.

When it comes to specific highlights, there are a couple of things that trigger the people to install this application.  The new features are: it can manage security setting, change the background with various themes, more emojis and emoticon, send bigger size video, change the launcher, and broadcast up to 600 individuals. One intriguing feature is message scheduler. With this feature, you can schedule the date and time of the message which needs to be sent. For instance, you set out to send the message for a birthday at midnight, yet the setting is prepared early in the day.

How to Install GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 7.99

With more and more attractive features and amazing benefits, GBWhatsApp APK mod now becomes more popular. You can now download and install GBWhatsApp APK without rooting process. Follow the below steps to download and install the latest version of GBWhatsApp APK Version 7.99

  • Download the apk file GBWhatsApp
  • Backup all chat and uninstall standard Whatsapp.
  • Open download section and tap GBWhatsApp APK 7.99
  • Allow the device to install and wait until the process is done.
  • Verify via phone number. The verification code will be sent to the mobile number, which you have entered. Once the verification process is completed, you will be granted with the complete access to use all the features of GBWhatsApp APK!
  • Restore all chats and data.
  • Go to setting at the top left for more configuration.

How To Migrate WhatsApp To GBWhatsApp

  • Open your WhatsApp Settings and go to Chats option. Now, click on Chat Backup option and take backup of your chats & media.
  • This Backup will be going used in restoring all the messages on GBWA. It’s time to download and install GBWhatsApp
  • Open GB WhatsApp after successful installation and verify your mobile number via One Time Password.
  • It asks to restore chats from backup. Just click on Restore button and it will start restoring chats & media from backup.
  • Restoring will be done within a few seconds or in few minutes (depends on your backup size) and now setup your Names and Display Picture.
  • Finally, you have successfully migrated WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp with few simple steps.

List of New Features of GBWhatsApp APK 7.99

GBWhatsApp Apk Download
Auto Reply

It comes with the opt-in and opt-out version, here you can set your preferences for sending auto-response. You can select the specific person you want to set an Auto Reply or select an exception you don’t want to send

Enabled Locked Voice Recordings

Now, with the official WhatsApp, while recording a voice message, you need to hold the mic icon until it get recorded completely, right? But now with GBWhatsApp version, it’s no more needed! Yes, GBWhatsApp APK 7.81 now comes with enabled locked voice recordings. Now you just need to press and swipe to record.

Inbuilt DND Feature

“Do not disturb” – This new feature has come which is built inside, which features to stop data connection only for Whatsapp.

Hide Chats

In terms of privacy, you can hide your chats even in groups. No one will be able to see a particular chat if you have hidden it.

New Emoji’s

This new latest version of GBWhatsApp APK packed with tons of fun-filled emojis and emoticons.

Video Limit

Compared to the official version of WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp enhances the limit of sending videos is up to 50MB. But in official Whatsapp, there is a limit to 16 MB.

Images Limit

Using the official WhatsApp, you can only send 30 images at once; but GBWhatsApp APK Version allows sending up to 90 images at once.


Usually, WhatsApp allows add only 256 participants in a broadcast message, but now you can select up to 600 people for broadcasting.

Cancel Multiple Messages

In WhatsApp original, we can delete only one message that we want to delete with” delete for everyone”; but with this, you can delete multiple messages.


The all-new GBWhatsApp is now going to support more than 100 languages.

Hide Online Status

As similar to the official WhatsApp, once you select the option to hide status, it will show offline to everyone.

Blue Ticks Hide

You can hide blue ticks in every groups and contact. Even if you read the messages it will not turn blue.

Writing Tick Hide

While typing we can see a notification below a person’s name, now we can hide writing tick as well.

Hide Recording Status

As same as Writing tick, we can hide recording status that we see below a person’s name. It shows that the person you’re talking with is sending you a recording.

Blue Microphone Hide

Even if you have turned blue tick off, the microphone will turn blue and show your friend that you have heard the audio. Now you can hide microphone blue tick as well.

App Lock

Apart from the security features, you have added in your mobile phone such as pattern lock, security code, face recognition etc., GBWhatsApp APK comes with an inbuilt app lock to maintain privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions on GBWhatsApp APK 7.81 Version

Question 1: Can you use GBWhatsApp in your iPhone?

Answer: Sorry to say that but GBWhatsApp for iOS is not yet available. You cannot use this modded apk in your iPhone. Once it’s available for download, we will update you!

Question 2: Can I Use the Official WhatsApp With the GBWhatsApp APK?

Answer: Yes, you can use both simple whatsapp messenger and GBWhatsApp in your phone. With the feature of using two numbers in a single device, it is easier for you to use one whatsapp account for our office work and other whatsapp accounts for personal work.

Question 3: How to Install GBWhatsApp APK Download 7.99 in your Phone?

Answer: We have added the detailed Installation Guide of GBWhatsApp APK Download 7.99 in the above section.

Still, if you’ve any doubt, make sure to contact us via the comment box.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download

Bored of using simple WhatsApp? Ever think of using two WhatsApp accounts in a single device using two different numbers? Then, don’t wait too longer! Just download GBWhatsApp APK Version 7.40! GBWhatsApp allows you to use two whatsapp accounts in a single phone. Download GBWhatsApp Apk (GBWA) Latest Version on your Android and start exploring new features in its new version.