Call of Duty: Mobile For PC (Windows & MAC)

Call of Duty: Mobile

If you’re wondering how to download Call of Duty Mobile, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The game has been announced but is seemingly hard to actually play, and there’s a couple of reasons for that which we’ll get into. Call of Duty Mobile is a mash up of previous games in the series, featuring maps and characters from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series of games in the franchise, and there’s even Call of Duty Mobile battle royale contained within it too. Here’s everything you need to know about…

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Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG For PC (Windows & MAC)

Order & Chaos 2

Gameloft has been developing mobile games for a long time, and it’s kind of got the formula down. The latest release from the developer is Order & Chaos 2: 3D MMO RPG, which is an open world MMORPG that bears a striking resemblance to World of Warcraft. This isn’t WoW, though. It’s on Android and contains plenty of in-app purchases. What? That’s the formula. I never said you’d like it Ignoring for a moment that many of you have a deep, visceral hatred for IAPs, Gameloft’s free-to-play titles are very popular,…

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RPG Toram Online on PC (Windows / MAC)

RPG Toram Online

RPG Toram Online – Referring to the MMORPG cannot fail to mention Asobimo – a game maker from Japan. The 3D game is gorgeous and real, Asobimo has created many features in the game. Some of the company’s famous products include Izanagi, Aurcus, … and especially RPG Toram Online. Taken in the next story of Iruna’s predecessor, the game follows the success that Iruna has. As soon as the Closed Beta version was released, there was an enormous amount of players interested. Possessing all the qualities of a man, Asobimo is…

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TerraGenesis Mobile Game – Space Colony For PC (Windows & MAC)

TerraGenesis Mobile Game

TerraGenesis-space colony is basically a planet simulator game developed by tilting pointwhere you try to discover and explore the whole of the universe. In TerraGenesis, your aim is to create and develop a planet in such a way that is good for the lives of humankind. The best part of TerraGenesis is that it actually uses the real data from NASA for mapping the planets in the solar system. In the very beginning of the game you will need to choose one planet from the solar system and then all you need…

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Download MiHome For PC (Windows & MAC)

MiHome For PC

My Home is the official Xiaomi application that will allow us to manage all our Xiaomi products in the most comfortable way possible. Thus, we can configure or program our lamp, vacuum cleaner, smartwatch, alarm clock, fan, surveillance camera, and so on. After all, Xiaomi offers a huge variety of products. Mi Home is the official Xiaomi app. It allows users of Xiaomi branded smartphones, tablets, and other digital Xiaomi products to manage their devices through a user-friendly tool. You can use it to configure, backup, restore, install, and uninstall…

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YouRMusic – Youtube Downloader For PC (Windows & MAC)

YouRMusic – Youtube Downloader

YouRMusic – Youtube music and video downloader is an application to download videos and songs from YouTube. With this tool, we can download virtually any video in a fast and intuitive way. The operation of VidBest Video Downloader is simple: in the upper section of the screen we will find a search engine. We just have to enter in it the keywords of the video or song that we want to download and we will see a list of YouTube videos that respond to that search. Once we have found…

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UC Browser Turbo Downloader– Fast Private, Ads Blocker For PC (Windows & MAC)

UC Browser Turbo Downloader

UC Browser Turbo is a minimalist version of this powerful browser with which we can access any website easily. In this way we will have the essential elements to navigate the Internet without any element that slows the loading of pages. From the main menu of UC Browser Turbo we can set bookmarks of those webs that we visit the most. Thus we will save a lot of time in carrying out a search of each of them separately. Another positive point is that the downloads will run with more…

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Story Saver for Instagram Videos – Story Downloader For PC (Windows & MAC)

Story Saver for Instagram Videos – Story Downloader For PC (Windows & MAC)

Story Saver for Instagram is an application that will allow us to store in the memory of our Android terminal all the ‘stories’ of other users. So, even if we do not have an Internet connection, we can see them again at any time and anywhere, with just a touch. Using Story Saver for Instagram is simple. We just have to open the application and identify with our Instagram account. Once this is done, we will be able to see a list with all the users that we follow, who…

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Vidmate Video Downloader For PC (Windows & MAC)

Vidmate Video Downloader

If you do not know how to use Vidmate and want to have some basic notions to enjoy this video download tool, vidmate HD Video Download Guide is an application with which you can know in detail how it works without any problem. This utility It is intended for those people who start using Vidmate and have not yet become familiar with the utility. Thus, you will have access to seven sections where you will discover, little by little, the different functions of the app. Enjoy Vidmate and make the…

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All HD New Video Downloader 2019 For PC (Windows & MAC)

All HD New Video Downloader

All Video Downloader is free software that allows you to download all videos from many video streaming sites. It is a very popular YouTube downloader, and it also downloads video from other well-known sites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, and others. All HD New Video Downloader 2019 is a tool with which you can store in your terminal memory all those videos that you want to enjoy without the need of an Internet connection. With this app you will have dozens of videos in a matter of seconds to take them wherever you go. To start searching,…

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