Bring The Tax Office Home, Right At Your Door Step

Imagine traveling from your home for an hour to a tax office, upon reaching there, you fill a form, wait in line impatiently with eyes glued to the tax collection counter. After about half-hour, it’s your turn to submit your form and money. As you slip the form through a little hole in the glass at the counter, the teller points out a few mistakes you did while filling your form. You rush to take a new form, and as you finish filling the form, you realize there is a line again. This was the norm a few years ago to file your taxes. It was unimaginable to file your taxes from the comfort of your home while you are still in your pajamas. With the launch of the GST portal, what was unimaginable has become the norm. To pay your taxes, all you need to do is open a browser from any device connected to the internet, go to the GST portal online, and within few minutes, you are done paying your taxes. The use of technology and the advantages of GST have made it possible to bring tax office right at your home, virtually, of course.

Pay taxes on the go.

To be able to pay GST virtually at your comfort, you first need to register at the GST portal. It is a simple procedure to register online. Before registering, you will need to get a scanned copy of a few required documents. You will need a scanned copy of your PAN card, Aadhar Card, Proof of Business registration, Address proof of your business, Your identity proof with a photograph, Bank account statement, and a letter of authorization for authorized signatory.

The technical part:

  • Open the GST portal and click “Services” > “Registration” > “ New Registration”.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • You will receive an OTP on your mobile number and email ID. Enter the OTP in the space provided.
  • You will get your TRN (Temporary Reference Number)
  • Go back to the GST home page, Click “Register Now,” and select the option “Temporary Reference Number.”
  • Fill in the TRN and Captcha
  • You will receive another OTP on the registered mobile number and Email ID.
  • Enter OTP, and it will take you to a page showing you a draft of your application.
  • Select the “Edit” option in the application draft, and you will be required to enter your details and submit the scanned copies of your documents.
  • Once all the details are filled, and documents are uploaded, select declaration, and submit.
  • You will be required to authorize the submission with DSC ( Digital Signature Certificate) that you will be able to get on the GST portal.
  • A success message will be displayed, and an Application Reference Number (ARN) will be sent to your registered Email ID and Mobile number.
  • You can check your ARN status at the GST portal by entering ARN.

Once you are done with this process and get the authorization, you have successfully brought the tax office to your doorstep. Be it your home or office or even while waiting at a traffic signal. If you have a device that is connected to the internet, you will be able to file your taxes.

GST portal – A virtual tax office.

The GST portal is like any government office. The only difference is that it is virtual. It can be said that it is better than a physical office because there is no waiting in lines or delays. Only with a few clicks, you will be able to get your job done within no time. There are a plethora of services that you will be able to avail from the GST portal.

Few services that you will be able to avail through GST portal are:

  • Apply for Registration for ISD, Casual Dealer, Normal Taxpayer.
  • Filing GST returns.
  • Payment of GST.
  • Claim refund of excess GST paid.
  • Furnish letter of understanding.
  • View E-Ledger.
  • Get TRAN-1, TRAN-2, TRAN-3 Forms.
  • Opting out of the Composition Scheme.
  • Stock intimation.
  • Opting for a Composition Scheme.

Apart from people who are seeking to file returns or pay taxes, the GST portal also provides a lot of other services that are related to taxes. The efficiency of this portal works better than a physical office because it caters to the needs of all the people without any delay at any given time.

The GST portal also saves a lot of time for both authorities and taxpayers because there is no need to travel to a particular destination to file taxes. It cuts out the time spent on getting the physical documents ready and submitted, and it also helps with any doubts or queries instantly.

The FAQ section on the GST portal acts as an inquiry counter. There are a lot of common queries that are already answered. You will be able to get plenty of questions that are already answered in the FAQ section.

With high-end technology that is used for securing documents and details of each taxpayer on the GST portal, it’s safer than any physical office. When it comes to physical ledger books, documents, and files, there is always an easy chance that it might be lost or get damaged. The advantage with “The Virtual Tax Office – The GST Portal” is that all documents and files are safe and readily available at your fingertips. No need to carry piles of documents or maintain records. You will be able to check all records, taxes paid, returns filed, etc. online without any hassle.


The ease with which you will be able to handle almost all your tax-related issues by just checking the GST portal online makes you feel like the tax office is literally at your doorstep. The advantages of GST are not just for taxpayers. It also helps the tax department cut costs on expenditure that could be there for a physical office. It helps with saving time, which in turn helps efficiency. All in all, there are a plethora of advantages both to the general taxpayer and government.