Best Non-Fiction Books of all Time (100 books Everyone Should Read)

Best Non-Fiction Books of all Time (100 books Everyone Should Read)

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2019)

Best non-fiction books of all time (100 books Everyone Should Read): Hello Geeks! Are you searching for some of the best nonfiction books of the decade? Do you want to know the best books to read before you die? Or you just want to explore the list of 2018 nonfiction books? If “yes” then you lands to right place to look for best nonfiction books to read.


How many of you love to read the books or Novels? I think most of us like to read novels.  I like to read the non-friction stuff. My all time favorites are Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal and Making India Awesome by Chetan Bhagat. You have guessed. I have come up with the best non-fiction books of all time. Here you will find top 100 books everyone should read.


100 books Everyone Should Read – Best Non-Fiction Books All Time

The books have their freshness of content even now. Reading is a good habit. Non-fictional books are a great source to learn great points of life. It guides us and gives a different approach towards life. So, without any further delay let us explore the best non-fiction books of all time.


1. Guns Germs and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies (By Jarred Diamond)

Best Non-Fiction Books


100 books everyone should read: Jarred Diamond is the author of the book Guns Germs and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies. It is trans-disciplinary and non-fiction book. The book releases in the year 1997. It is a short history of 13000 years. A documentary base on the book release by National Geography in the year 2005.


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2. Manual for Living (By Epictetus)

3. Meditations (By Marcus Aureluis)

4. What Young India Wants (By Chetan Bhagat)

5. Stay Hungry Stay Foolish (By Rashmi Bansal)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Rashmi Bansal an IIM Alumni is the author of the book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish. It releases in the year 2008. The book features the stories of 25 MBA from IIM Ahmadabad. They give up best pay packages. They go on different path of entrepreneurship. Therefore, this books is in our list of  best non-fiction books of all time.


100 Best non-fiction books of all Time


6. Making India Awesome (By Chetan Bhagat)

7. This is Water (By David Foster Wallance)

8. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (By Robert Cialdini)

9. All the President’s Men (By Carl Bernstien)

10. Surely You’re Joking, Mr.Feyman! (By Richard P. Feyman)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best books to read before you die: Richard P. Feyman is the writer of the book Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feyman. The book publishes in the year 1985. In the book, there are conversations of Feyman with his friend Leighton. The success of the book is a surprise. The author comes up with sequel name What Do You Care What Other People Think.

Best Nonfiction Books of the Decade


11. Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest (By Jon Krakauer)

12. Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind (By Yuval Noah Harari)

13. When Breath Becomes Air (By Paul Kalanithi)

14. The Diary of Young Girl (By Anne Frank)

15. Yes Please (By Amy Poehler)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best non-fiction books of all time: Amy Poehler is the author of the book Yes Please. The book releases in the year 2014. The writer of the book is an American TV actor. Yes, Please is all about small humorous stories and some life lessons from the author’s life. The book gets mix reviews from the critics.


16. On the Origin of Species (By Charles Darwin)

17. The Republic (By Plato)

18. Pensees (By Blaise Pascal)

19. Silent Springs (By Rachel Carson)

20. Relativity (By Albert Einstein)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best nonfiction books of the decade: Alert Einstein is the author of the book Relatively. The book publishes first in German in 1916.  It translates in English in 1920. Relatively has three parts. Einstein describes general scientific principles and philosophical issues in his book. The readers get into deep insights of the best writer of 20th century.


Top 100 books everyone should read


21. Leviathan (By Thomas Hobbes)

22. Das Kapital (By Karl Marx)

23. Break Out the Nations: In Persuit of Next Economic Miracles (By Ruchir Sharma)

24. Homage to Catalonia (By George Orwell)

25. Indianomix: Making Sense of Modern India (By Vivek Daheja and Rupa Subramaniya)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Vivek Daheja and Rupa Subramniya are the authors of the book Indiaomix-Making Sense of Modern India. The book is all about a quirky look to the Indian Economics. The authors try to describe some of the mysteries of Indian Economy. It relates with the Stock market, China and Nehru talks and many more. Therefore, I really like this book in our list of best non-fiction books of all time.


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Best Nonfiction books 2017


26. The Second Sex (By Simone de Beauvoir)

27. Lucknow Boy (By Vinod Mehta)

28. Speak Memory(By Vladmir Nabokov)

29. Analects (By Confecius)

30. Restless Days and Sleepless Nights (By Ranjana Bharij)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Ranjana Bharij is the author of the book Restless Days and Sleepless Nights. The book describes about a woman wants to make her career in the banking industry. The perspective of men in 1970’s.It revolves around woman empowerment. This book surely deserve to be in the list of 100 books everyone should read.


31. The Strucutre of Scientific Reveloution (By Thomas Kuchn)

32. The Principles of Psychology (By William James)

33. I am just an Ordinary man (By GS Subbu)

34. Beyond Good and Evil (By Friedrich Nietzsche)

35. Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found (By Suketu Mehta)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best Non-fiction books of all time: Sukhetu Mehta is the writer of the book Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. The book publishes in the year 2004. As the name of the book suggests it is all about the Bombay city. It describes of the fast moving life of the Bombay city.


List of 2016 Nonfiction books


36. Corpus Aristotelium (By Aristole)

37. The Essentials of Writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson (By Raplh Waldo Emerson)

38. SkyPlitter (By Deepak Menon)

39. Tao Te Ching (By Lao Tsu)

40. Zero Defect (By Aarohan Atwal)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best nonfiction books 2017: Aarohan Atwal is the author of the book Zero Defect. The book is about a Software Engineer. He is energetic and smart person. He goes on to major changes when is cheated from his boss. His girlfriend leaves him away. This incident leaves him in shock.

41. Philosphical Investigation (By Ludwig Wittgenstien)

42. The Darker Nations: A People’s History Behind Third World War (By Vijay Prasad)

43. The Wealth of Nations (By Adam Smith)

44. Two Lives (By Vikram Seth)

45. Principia: Principles of Mathematics (By Isaac Newton)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Isaac Newton is the author of the book Principia: Principles of Mathematics. The book releases in two editions in 1713 and 1726. It states Newton’s law of motion, universal gravitational forces and derivation of Kelper’s law. Newton book on the principles is one of the important works by him. This book is my favorite nonfiction book from the list of best non-fiction books of all time.

Best books to Read before you die


46. Burden of Democracy (By Partap Bhanu Mehta)

47. In a cold blood (By Truman Capote)

48. Man in White: A Book Cricket (By Mukul Kesvan)

49. Dialogue Concerning Two Chief World Systems (By Galileo)

50. Road Runner: An Indian Quest to America (By Dilip D’Souza)

Best Non-Fiction Books


List of 2016 nonfiction books: Dilip D’Souza is the author of the book Road Runner: An Indian Quest to America. The books gives all the answers to the question relate to democracy of America. The author takes the example of Indian and American democracies. He brings out the points for comparison between them.

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51. A Room of One’s Own (By Virginia Wolf)

52. The Life Samuel Johnson (By James Bosewell)

53. Be Your own Contractor (By Ricky Corum)

54. The Civil War (By Shelby Foote)

55. Annals (By Cornelius Tacitus)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Cornelius Tacitus is the author of Annals. Tacitus is a Roman historian and senator. The book is about the history of the Roman Empire during the first century. Tacitus work considers one of the best workers by the modern historians of that time. These are the best non-fiction books of all time.

Best Novels of the 21st century


56. Hidden Husband (By Shikha Kaul)

57. Civil Disobedience (By Henry David Thoreau)

58. Life Love Dreams and Me (By Amit Sareen)

59. The Second World War (By Winston Churchill)

60. R. E. Lee: A Biography (By Douglass Southall Freeman)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Douglass Southall Freeman is the author of RE Lee. The book publishes in the year 1934. The book describes Lee life. He appoints as a commander in the army. The book is a four-volume work. RE Lee gets 1935 Pulitzer Prize in Biography category. Therefore, this book is in our list of 100 books everyone should read.


61. Mumbai Fables (By Gyan Prakash)

62. The Education of Henry Adams (By Henry Adams)

63. Discourse on Method (By Rene Descartes)

64. Mere Christanity (By CS Levis)

65. Out of Africa (By Isak Dinesen)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Isak Dinesen is the author of Out of Africa. The book first publishes in the year 1931. It recollects the events of 17 years. Bilxen makes her home in Kenya. It has also known British’s East Africa. It is lyrical meditation. Bilxen with her coffee plantations influences people’s life in s positive way. Therefore, these the best non-fiction books of all time.


100 Best books to read before you die


66. The Annihilation of Caste (By BR Ambedkar)

67. Orthodoxy (By GK Chesterton)

68. The Gulag Archipelago (By Aleksander Solzhenitsyn)

69. The Art of Choosing (By Sheena Ayenger)

70. The Seven Storey Mountain (By Thomas Merton)

Best Non-Fiction Books


List of 2016 nonfiction books: Thomas Merton is the writer of the book The Seven Storey Mountain. The book is an autobiography on the life of Merton. It reflects early life of Mertor. He believes in god. This led to his conversation with the Roman Catholism. He gets the position of teacher for teaching English literature.

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Best Non-fiction books of all time


71. Autobiographics (By WB Yeasts)

72. A Free man (By Aman Sethi)

73. The Liberal Imagination (By Lionel Trilling)

74. Early India: From the Origins to AD 1300 (By Romila Thapar)

75. The Praise of Folly (By Erasmus)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Erasmus is the author of the book The Praise of Folly. The books start with the satirical drama. Folly praises herself. In the later part of the book, you can see the darker side of the drama. It is an essay, which ends with a straightforward idea of Christianity. This book is surely deserve to be in our list of best non-fiction books of all time.


76. Institute of Christian Religion (By John Calvin)

77. We made the History: Women in Ambedkarite movement (By Urmila Pawar)

78. A Walk in Woods (By Bill Bryson)

79. Hiroshima (By John Hersey)

80. If This is a man (By Primo Levi)

Best Non-Fiction Books

100 books everyone should read: Primo Levi is the author of the book if this is a man. This book has written in Italian. Later the book publishes in English. The book is about the history of World War I. It ends with the collapse of Communism in Europe. The first part of the book deals with the collapse of democracy and rise of socialism. In the second part of the book, it is about post World War II events.

100 Books Everyone should Read


81. Selected Essays (By TS Eliot)

82. An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding (By David Hume)

83. Capitalism,Socialism and Democracy (By Joseph Schumpeter)

84. Words (By Jean Paul Sartre)

85. Modern Times (By Paul Johnson)

Best Non-Fiction Books


Best non-fiction books of all time: Modern Times: Paul Johnson is the writer of this famous non-fiction book. This book has been launched in the year 1983. In this book writer gives the story of the world from 1920’s to 1980’s era. One of the top 10 books changes America. Author describes the intellectual thinking on a different level.


86. A Study of History (By Arnold J. Joybee)

87. The Prisions We Broke (By Baby Kamble)

88. My Father Baliah (By YB Satyanaryana)

89. Euclid’s Elements (By Euclid)

90. Common Sense (By Thomas Paine)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Thomas Paine is the author of the book Common Sense. The book publishes in the year 1776.Common Sense is about describing intellectual thinking. Author tries to connect two different types of thinking. Protestants believe on the American politician. The book is a best seller in America.

Best Nonfiction Books to read


91. Why I am not a Hindu (By Kancha Ilaiah)

92. The Harmony of the Worlds (By Johannes Kelper)

93. Bhimayana (By Durgabai Vyam)

94. Aspects of the Novel (By EM Forster)

95. Black Boy (By Richard Wright)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Richard Wright is the author of the book Black Boy. The book is a non-fictional autobiography. It publishes in the year 1945 by Harper and Brothers. Black boy is about the childhood memories of Wright. He covers all the incidents from his childhood to a young boy. Boy moves to Chicago and establishes his career in writing. He becomes member of the communist party. These are the few “best non-fiction books of all time”.


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96. The Origins of Totalitarianism (By Hanah Arendt)

97. Quotations from Chairman (By Mao By Mao)

98. The Abolition of Man (By CW Lewis)

99. Ethics (By Baruch de Spinoza)

100. A Study of History (By Arnold J.Toynbee)

Best Non-Fiction Books

Best nonfiction books 2017: Arnold J.Toynbee is the author of the book A Study of History. The book published in the year 1934-61. It is all about the 19 civilization. Toynbee covers all the civilization that he has seen. It includes Egyptian, Andean, Sumerian, Mayan, Indic, Hittite and Hellenic etc. Toynbee works on his goal to discover different civilization. He portrays it in his book. It publishes in different volumes.


Wrapping Up – Best Non-Fiction Books of All Time (100 books Everyone Should Read)

Hence, These are the few best non-fiction books of all time. If you have more suggestions related to these 100 books everyone should read then write it in the comment box. I highly recommend these best books to read before you die.

Most of you likes to the fictional books. I think you should also try non-fictional books. You can pick from the list of best nonfiction books of the decade. I can promise you that you like reading the non-fictional stuff. Earlier I did not like to read non-fictional books. I read Chetan Bhagat and Rashmi Bansal books. I am a great fan of them. They have described the things in a simple way. I include their writings in my best non-fictional books all time. You can also share your “best non-fiction books of all time” with me. I am waiting for your valuable comments.

Also, in case of any query or question related to these best nonfiction books to readthen write that query in the comment box. At last, If you like this post on best non-fiction books of all time then share it with your friends.

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