200+ Blog Post Ideas – The Ultimate List

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

Let’s face it, coming up with new blog post ideas can be hard. Especially if you’re aiming to post multiple times a week.

Your blog content is arguably the most important aspect of your site. After you start your blog, you need to create blog posts. Content is the main thing that drives your traffic, can fuel your social media campaigns, and has a range of SEO benefits.

By now you most likely have a pretty good idea of how important to write good blog posts. But you shouldn’t just be posting the same thing all the time.

Variation in your blog posts will help keep your readers interested and add value to your blog. The thing is, it can take a lot of time trying to figure out all the different types of blog posts you can write.

To make your task easier here is a list of over 200 blog post templates that you can use to create your content.

Without further delay, here is the list.

200+ Blog Post Templates

Here are over 200 blog post ideas you can use for creating content.

  1. Definition post.
  2. List post.
  3. Ultimate list post – A longer, more comprehensive list.
  4. Do a case study.
  5. Write about anxperience.
  6. Write about a piece of news.
  7. Controversial post.
  8. Activities to try.
  9. Rant post.
  10. Contest post.
  11. Often-made mistakes post.
  12. Profile post: write about someone important.
  13. Research post: do your own research and publish it.
  14. Critique post.
  15. Review post.
  16. Create a checklist.
  17. Meme.
  18. How to be successful in your niche.
  19. Do a comparison.
  20. FAQ post.
  21. SAQ (Should Ask Questions): Questions that should be asked but aren’t.
  22. Infographic.
  23. Free resource.
  24. Gratitude post.
  25. Little known fact post.
  26. Vlog.
  27. D.I.Y Post – Do it yourself post.
  28. Expert opinions.
  29. Story post.
  30. Popular articles.
  31. Parody.
  32. Conference post.
  33. Challenge post.
  34. Series – Posts that are part of a series.
  35. Create a test.
  36. Common questions from your readers.
  37. News reaction post.
  38. Ask a question.
  39. Answer a question (could come from your comments, social media, Quora, forums, etc).
  40. Inspirational post.
  41. Advice.
  42. What not to do post.
  43. Before and after post.
  44. To-do list post.
  45. Host a webinar.
  46. What’s trending post.
  47. Write a guide.
  48. Ultimate guide – A longer more in-depth guide.
  49. Tutorial.
  50. Reaction post – Write about your reaction to something.
  51. Write about an experience.
  52. Income report post.
  53. 101 list post.
  54. 1001 list post.
  55. Statistics post.
  56. Website traffic report post.
  57. Motivational post.
  58. Book review.
  59. Weekly post.
  60. Ways to save time.
  61. Interesting articles.
  62. Argument post.
  63. Poll post.
  64. Favorite article.
  65. Translation post.
  66. Live broadcast.
  67. Quotes post.
  68. Timeline of events.
  69. Images post.
  70. An original point of view.
  71. Product list.
  72. Write about a piece of news.
  73. Security
  74. Collection post.
  75. Video post.
  76. Write about/explain a concept.
  77. Create a list of odd things.
  78. Write out a transcript of a video.
  79. Create a collection of recipies to comments left on your blog posts.
  80. How to start something.
  81. Directory of interesting sites.
  82. Write an open letter to someone.
  83. Useful tools list.
  84. Question and answer.
  85. Create a forum.
  86. Write a personal post.
  87. Do a survey.
  88. Original ideas.
  89. Do a post on new years resolutions.
  90. Daily goals.
  91. Goals For The Week.
  92. Goals For The Month.
  93. Goals For The Year.
  94. Opinion post.
  95. Podcast.
  96. Top 10 post.
  97. How you different from your competitors.
  98. What do you recommend.
  99. Terms glossary.
  100. Link collectionL A list of useful links to other resources or bloggers.
  101. Myth vs fact: Find out if a myth is real or fake.
  102. Create a data graph.
  103. Travel stories post.
  104. Case study.
  105. Unique opinion.
  106. What’s new?
  107. What’s popular?
  108. What’s getting old?
  109. What’s going out of style?
  110. Updates post.
  111. List of influencers.
  112. Create an online course.
  113. “I would recommend” post.
  114. Recommended products.
  115. Recommended services.
  116. Favorite pass time.
  117. Anecdotes post.
  118. Favorite books post.
  119. Unique comparison.
  120. Summary or companion.
  121. Debate.
  122. Creative ways to do something.
  123. Success post.
  124. About you post.
  125. Create a comic.
  126. Fact post.
  127. Resource page.
  128. Hobbies in your niche.
  129. Future insights post: What you think is going to happen in the future for something.
  130. Tips and tricks post.
  131. Create a cheat sheet.
  132. Best-of post
  133. Create a list of useful methods.
  134. Advanced guide.
  135. Favorites list.
  136. Favorite places to travel.
  137. Favorite products.
  138. Favorite foods.
  139. Write a poem.
  140. Write a short story.
  141. Write a short book.
  142. Create a movie.
  143. Make a useful tool.
  144. Comprehensive article: Longer and more in-depth compared to a regular post.
  145. Collective post: Gather opinions from a number of influencers in your field.
  146. Do an interview with someone.
  147. Write a post about a problem.
  148. Who to follow post.
  149. Create software.
  150. How-to post.
  151. Calendar post – Post about some important dates.
  152. Create collection of your favorites.
  153. Post data.
  154. Dairy entry.
  155. Write about tactics.
  156. If you could wish for something, what would it be?
  157. Create a viral article.
  158. Graph post.
  159. Bucket list.
  160. Social media tips.
  161. Strategy post.
  162. Do a roundup (websites, links, other blogger to follow, etc).
  163. Marketing tactics.
  164. Link attracting post or link bait.
  165. Link building tactics.
  166. Useful lessons.
  167. Blogging tactics.
  168. Improvement post.
  169. Create a reference.
  170. Post on how to write better.
  171. “Hacks”: Another form of tips and tricks.
  172. Publish a piece of code.
  173. Products post.
  174. Emotional post.
  175. Product tutorials.
  176. Review of a service.
  177. WordPress themes post.
  178. Development post.
  179. WordPress tutorials.
  180. Question yourself post.
  181. Host a competition.
  182. Online resources.
  183. Ebook.
  184. Philosophical ideas post.
  185. Social media event.
  186. Question your readers.
  187. Traffic tactics.
  188. Personal portfolio.
  189. Good habits.
  190. Write about your routine.
  191. Wite about how to develop a schedule.
  192. Promotional methods.
  193. Seasonal post.
  194. Intentions post.
  195. Create a manifesto.
  196. Your experience at an event.
  197. Commentary.
  198. Instructions post.
  199. Special occasion post.
  200. Holiday post.
  201. Write about your skills.
  202. Feature a guest post.
  203. Giveaway post.
  204. Best-of post.
  205. Best of the week.
  206. Best of the month.
  207. Best of the year.
  208. All time best post.
  209. Collection of answers to comments.
  210. Pros and cons.
  211. Create a quiz.
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There you have it. Now there is no excuse for creating content that is unique.

When you create interesting content for your viewers, you have a greater chance of attracting traffic, getting social media likes, and getting links back to your website. The more ideas you have, the easier it is to create creative blog titles.

Content is one of the most important parts of your blog. Create great content and not only will your readers be more satisfied, but you will potentially rank better in search engines.

There are many Google ranking factors that take your blog content into consideration. Search engines look at your content length, keywords, quality, and freshness to judge how well your posts will be ranked in their results pages.

That’s just one of the reasons why it is important to regularly create new content for your site. With these 200 blog post templates, creating your content should be an easier endeavor.

Now it’s up to you to apply your creativity and get blogging. Pick a template and start writing your post.

When you’ve got your post published, make sure you promote it to drive traffic to your blog. Developing a marketing strategy is essential to the success of any website. It is easy to neglect this aspect of blogging, so set aside some time to promote your blog.

With these blog post templates, you can create unique content that will help attract readers and get your blog on the path to success.


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