14 LimeTorrents Proxy and 5 Best Alternatives (99%Working)

Torrents are very popular these days, most of the person wants to watch the latest released movie on the first day of its launch, lots of torrent websites are out there, but a few are accessible and providing excellent user experience, LimeTorrents is one of theme.
In this blog post, I will share with you the best working LimeTorrents Proxy and some great alternatives. LimeTorrents offers you lots of digital stuff like movies, TV shows, anime, games, software and more.

History of LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents was founded in 2009 and live at present; it has been changing the domain name because the ISP blocks its URL after that users can’t access it without using a VPN or Proxy.
LimeTorrents comes in the top 10 torrent site list according to the TorrentFreak blog, during the earlier days music group IFPI seized its server, after that the Limetorrents operator got dragged into a lawsuit by Lionsgate over the Expendables 3 leak.
Some of its domains are blocked in many countries like India, United Kingdom, Australia, and one of the old homepage was removed from the Google search results.
According to the TorrentFreak, the new version of the homepage is no longer to provide the direct links to pirated material, so the copyright holder has no reason to ask Google to remove LimeTorrents from the Google search results.
Note: The list of LimeTorrents Proxy and alternatives has been created for the Information and education purpose. We discourage the use to torrent site to download the copyright protected content.

14 LimeTorrents Proxy & Unblocked Mirror Sites

Why LimeTorrents is Blocked

Now you know providing the copyright-protected content without the owner’s permission is illegal, and these torrents websites do this same thing in result your government or IPS block these websites.
If a torrent website is proving the copyright protected content then its very harmful for the copyright owner, how? Let’s understand it with an example, suppose you create content or digital product by investing your time, money and efforts, you are providing it users in $10 to the users.
Now it is only a way to earn money for you, but a torrent website is providing it for free, and the website owner is earning money without making efforts, Your all money and efforts will be wasted, although still, some users will that product from the real owner.
I am also a creator so I can understand this thing, remember torrents website are not illegal, but the way which is used by the torrent website could be illegal, although torrents website might be illegal in some countries.
You can access blocked website in your country; there are some great ways available on the Internet, below is the guide about how you can access LimeTorrents primary domain in your country.

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How to access LimeTorrents?

It is tough to block a website entirely in a country because the Internet comes with the possibilities, below I am sharing 3 great ways to access limetorrents in your blocked place.

1) VPN

VPNs are the first and great choice to access the Internet without showing the real IP address, in this method you ISP can’t see your IP address, Using a VPN it is tough to track you on the Internet, VPNs allow you to choose other country location or servers. Most of the websites are live in the United States so you can choose the US server and enjoy the Internet without any hassle.
The Internet has many VPN providers, a few provide you excellent user experience and Unlimited bandwidth, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the best-paid VPN services, if you don’t want to pay for the VPN then there are also some free VPNs, but they have limited bandwidth and server locations.

2) Opera Browser

Google Chrome and Mozilla are the best and secure web browser in this planet; Opera is also a browser with comes with the build in VPN, you can enable it to access blocked a website in your country or place.
Download it from this link or go to its official website, the downloading and installing process is as similar as you Install other software in your PC. Opera Browser is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.

3) Internet Proxy

It is the third choice to access the Internet without showing the real IP address to the ISP and website owner; it quite different from VPN, Internet Proxy works like an intermediary. It doesn’t disclose your original IP address. Internet Proxy is only for the browsers
For example, you are visiting worldfree.tech without using Internet Proxy then I can see from where you are visiting, what is your IP address, which platform and browser you are using.
But if you visit this website via the Internet Proxy, then I can’t see these details because in this case you are not visiting the worldfree.tech, you are visiting the Internet/Web proxy and that web proxy request to load your desired URL in their server after that it shows you in your browser.

5 Best LimeTorrents Alternatives

LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent websites out there, above I have shared some working Proxy, Torrent community is huge there are thousands of website which provide you torrent file and magnet links. Below are the top 5 great alternatives of LimeTorrents.

1) The Pirate Bay

Primary Domain –thepiratebay.org

The Pirate Bay is the king of the torrent website which provides you lots of digital content and magnet links; The Pirate Bay is better than LimeTorrents, it is the most popular torrent website on the web.
It was founded in 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization, and live at present, according to the SimilarWeb data this lime torrent alternative has more than 106 million visitors in a month. Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries like India, Australia, France, United Kingdom.

2) 1337x

Primary Domain –https://1337x.to/

1337x is the next good alternatives of LimeTorrents, it has a dedicated group of torrent file uploader that provides you the fresh content, this site is also blocked in many countries, Google has removed this torrent website from the Google search results.
You have to type its URL to visit this site, although this site is the second most popular torrent site in 2019, it has more than 96 million visitors in a month. The site was founded in 2007 and live at present.

3) Rarbg

Primary Domain –https://rarbg.to/

Rarbg is one of the most popular and favorite torrent website out there; it runs on the peer to peer BitTorrent file transfer protocol. The site offers you excellent design and Interface; users can sign up with the email id and upload the files.
Rarbg was founded in 2008 and active on the Internet at present; this site is also blocked in many countries, it has more than 96 million traffic in a month, most of the traffic comes from the United States IP address.

4) Torrentz2

Primary Domain & Proxy

Torrentz2 also come in the LimeTorrents alternatives list, the old domain name was Torrentz.eu, closed in 2016, after that it launched as Torrentz2. The provide you excellent user experience, the homepage is clear, you get a search bar on it.
Torrentz2 has more than 45 million visitors in a month, this site is also blocked in many countries, although there are many Proxy and mirror sites out there. Torrentz2 is even better than LimeTorrent.

5) ExtraTorrents

Primary Domain – https://extratorrent.cd/

ExtraTorrents is the last torrent website in this LimeTorrent alternatives list; the site has an attractive interface, users can search desired content in the search bar and also can register yourself.
It was founded in 2006 and live at present with the new domain extension. In 2017, it was shut down by its owner, but after some time it was back. This website is also blocked in many countries. However, people are visiting its Proxy and unblocked mirror sites.


I have shared a good list of LimeTorrents Proxy and alternatives; definitely, you enjoyed this blog post, you also know torrents websites are not stable, so it is possible some proxies are not working at your location, but I have provided you big list so don’t be lazy to try next one. Share this blog post with your friends and family.