Latest 1337x Proxy 2020 Working Unblocked Mirror Sites List

1337x is a torrent website which provides a database of torrent files and magnet links through the peer to peer BitTorrent file sharing protocol. Is 1337x blocked or not loading in your browser? Are you looking for the best working 1337x proxy/mirror sites? Then you are in the right place.
Life is becoming easy day by day with the help of the Internet; today people don’t like to watch movies in front of the TV. 1337x is a popular torrent website among the torrent community where users can download the latest released movie, TV shows, games, music, software, and some other things.
In this blog post, I will share 30 hand-picked 1337x proxy & unblocked mirror sites with you, before getting the list take some useful knowledge about your favorite website 1337x.

List of 30 Best 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites

As you know the original domain name is blocked in some countries, and it could be blocked in some places you visit, here I have listed 30 sites which are similar to 1337x. A proxy or mirror site is a website which provides you the same design, database and user experience with the different domain names; it ultimately looks like the original 1337x.
Disclaimer:- The list of 1337x Proxy and alternatives has been created for the Information and education purpose. We discourage the use to torrent site to download the copyright protected content.

1337x History

1337x was established in 2007 and get populated in 2016 because in this year the popular torrent website KickassTorrents was shut down, The site owners changed its domain extension in 2015 and moved to .to domain extension.
The original domain extension is blocked in Google search results, mean Google has deindexed the complete domain from the search result, and that’s the reason you don’t find it after searching 1337x in Google. The action was taken in 2015 by the request of Feelgood Entertainment.
According to TorrentFreak,1337x was the third most popular torrent website in 2018, and according to the SimilarWeb data, this site has more than 96 million visitors in a month, in this data that traffic is not included which come from the 1337x proxy and mirror sites.

The official domain name is blocked in some countries including Spain, India, China. You can access a blocked site in a country using a VPN or web proxy, below I have shared the free and paid methods.

How to Unblock 1337x

It is tough to block a site completely because there are many tools which allow you to access a blocked website in a country or place. There are many reasons behind blocking a website, and the most critical reason is piracy, almost all torrent website are violating the copyright rules in result Government or ISP block a website in a country.
We never recommend you to consume pirated content, but it is your choice and Interest, so here I am sharing three ways to access a blocked website in your browser. Remember Torrents are legal.

1) VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best and first choice to access the Internet without showing your real IP address while using VPN your ISP can’t track you so you can use torrent sites like 1337x without worrying.
The Internet has many VPN provider, but all VPNs are not good, you should choose a VPN according to your need. There are some free VPNs also available, but you get limited bandwidth and server locations.
You have to download the software which your VPN service provider offers you after that install it as like you install other software in your PC, next open it choose the United States server location because I found almost all blocked sites are loading from the USA IP address.

2) Tor Browser

Tor browser is the next good option to access the internet anonymously,
Tor browser is a browser which used to access the Internet without showing the real IP address; your actual IP address will be hidden behind three or four Tor IP address.
Tor Browser is completely free which is created by the U.S. Navy, and today Tor is a non-profit organization, another good thing is it legal and your IPS can’t track you. Most of the hacker use this browser to browse the web.
Download it from the official Tor Browser website orthis link then install it in your PC and start using the Internet anonymously.

3) Web Proxy

Web Proxy is the third option to access a blocked website in your country; it works as an intermediary, do you ever thought how web proxy works? Let’s understand with an example, now you are visiting without a proxy, in this case, I can see from where you are visiting and what is your IP address, and which browser you are using., your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see same things.
If you visit via Web Proxy, then I can’t see your these details, because you are not visiting, but you are visiting that web proxy site and the proxy site request to load the URL in their servers, after that it shows you in your browser.
There are many free and paid web proxy sites are there, you can choose accordingly, remember free web proxy has some limitations like limited bandh width, low server speed, irritating pop-up ads.

5 Best 1337x Alternatives

1) The Pirate Bay

Visit –

The Pirate Bay is the most popular torrent site great alternative of 1337x on this planet which provide digital content like entertainment, videos software, games, apps, etc. Users can search their desired content on the website; it works on peer to peer BitTorrent file sharing protocol.
The Pirate Bay is blocked in many countries, although there are many excellent Proxy and mirror sites are live on the Internet. It was launched in September 2003 and live at present. According to SimilarWeb, the site has more than 100 million visitors in a month.

2) Rarbg

Visit –

Rarbg is the next great alternatives of 1337x which works on the same file sharing protocol. At present Rarbg is the third most popular torrent site on the web, where users can create an account and upload the torrent file.
It was launched in 2008 and love at present, Rarbg is also blocked in many countries, but I have a great list of its proxy sites and alternatives. SimilarWeb data tells that it has more than 90 million visitors in a month.

3) ExtraTorrent

Visit –

Check Out – 100% Working ExtraTorrent Proxy

ExtraTorrent is one of the best alternatives of 1337x which provide you almost same user experience and torrents; users can download movies, anime, music, TV shows, software, apps, etc. on the site.
ExtraTorrent was the second most popular torrent site in 2016, the site was shut down in 2017 but after some time it was relaunched, there are many sources available on the Internet as proof.

4) KickassTorrents

Visit –

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KickassTorrents is the next good alternatives of 1337x which was launched in 2008; it was also the most popular torrent site around 2014-2016, In July 2016 the US government seized its first domain name due to the legal issues.
After that, in December 2016 the site was relaunched with the new domain name At present this site is not as much popular as it used to among the torrent community. The new domain also offers you excellent user experience and magnet links.

5) LimeTorrents

Visit –

LimeTorrents is the last alternative of 1337x in this list, which is less popular as compared to the above four alternatives, it works on the BitTorrent peer to peer file transfer protocol.
LimeTorrent has many proxy sites, and it is a new torrent website, at this, I am not able to find its primary domain because of every domain is almost similar and there are no sources, but according to me could be the primary domain name. If you know, then please share it via comments.


Proxy sites are not permanent ever the primary domain of the torrent website is not stable, I will keep updating this list time to time so bookmark this page to keep updated with the new 1337x proxy and mirror sites.